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Night Recovery A-Cream - Brand Minus417

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This night moisturiser enriched with retinol, will leave your skin smoother, softer and looking younger for a glowing complexion.

Feel younger as you look in the mirror seeing the signs of ageing being reduced before your eyes. Face Moisturiser. Contains natural retinol, the super powerful derivative of vitamin A in many yellow fruits and flowers. Experience the glowing complexion that a true, well developed retinol formula can deliver. Rejoice at the sensation of firmer, tighter, smoother-feeling skin that brings in the compliments as others notice the changes.

Active Ingredients

Precious mineral complex ~ From the lowest point on the Earth’s surface at – 417 meters below sea level which helps maintain optimal hydration levels by enhancing the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Vitamin A ~ Vitamin A is important in the renewal of the skin so that you can replace the old damaged layer with healthy-looking, new skin.

Vitamin B ~ Helps the skin hold on to moisture by creating an evaporation barrier that also helps protect against environmental damages.

Vitamin E ~ A powerful antioxidant that helps neutralise the free radicals before they can exact their damaging toll on your skin, causing it to appear older before your time.

Vitamin F ~ Also known as Omega fatty acids. Softens the skin naturally by promoting optimal skin balance.

Collagen ~ As this essential protein that provides elasticity to the skin, helping it to appear more youthful and healthy declines with ageing it becomes vitally important to continuously replace it.

Retinol ~ A top anti-aging skin therapy that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, restore skins elasticity and help prevent the sagging caused by gravity.

Plant Extracts:

Aloe vera ~ contains auxin and gibberellins which provide soothing and calming properties that help reduce skin irritations.

Hamamelis ~ Contains a high concentration of tannins that help to shrink your pores, tighten and tone the skin.

Borage & evening primrose oils ~ Some of the world’s strongest and best sources of omega 3 essential fatty acids. Their skin moisturising and nurturing properties are legendary.

Chamomile ~ Has been used for centuries to calm tired skin, and allow restorative healing to take place.

Horse chestnut ~ A powerful antioxidant that has been shown to help reduce premature ageing and maintain the skin’s healthy look.

How to use

It is recommended to be used 4 times per year as a one-month treatment each time. Avoid strong sun exposure at any time while using this product. At night before bed apply a thin layer to the face (avoiding the eye and neck areas) and massage until fully rubbed in. Do not use in combination with serums.

Enjoy an ultimate sensorial beauty experience:

  • SMELL A very clean crisp scent that is non-competitive with your chosen fragrance of the day.
  • SEE The visible difference in your skin’s natural glow and radiance.
  • FEEL That soft, silky smoothness that you’ve been looking for, return once more.