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Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea's Cloud Nine collagen infused herbal sleep tea blend

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Want a better night's beauty sleep? We've got the perfect sleep tea for you!!! This is a sleep tea that's infused with collagen peptides and packed with antioxidants so it’ll promote beauty from within, help you wind down and relax, and will also assist with a good night’s beauty sleep! This delicate organic collagen tea is the sleep tea you'll want to drink before bed with all the flavour to help you relax off to sleep and assist with a deeper sleep with the infusion of chamomile and lavender and other herbs and tisanes. Blended with hydrolyzed collagen peptides to support improved skin texture, thicker hair, and stronger nails to help you wake up glowing, and other botanicals to assist in reducing skin inflammation and blemishes whilst you sleep - this blend is all about you! Overall, beautiful collagen sleep tea to drink after dinner, or just before bed to get sleepy and snoozy. 

Best taken twice daily to support skin health, thicker hair growth & hair loss, stronger nails, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and improved gut health.

Chamomile flowers, lemon balm leaf, passionflower, lavender flowers, scullcap leaf with hydrolyzed collagen peptides (sourced from the grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide).

Shake the pouch to distribute the collagen tea and all the ingredients evenly.  Add 1 heaped teaspoon (approx. 1.5 grams) of Fusspot’s loose-leaf collagen tea into a strainer/infuser, then place into a cup (250ml) of freshly boiled water for 2-5 minutes pending on the strength you prefer.  Remove strainer and enjoy.

Made on equipment that may also process nuts.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing without professional health care advice.

  • Lavender – improves sleep quality, improves skin by helping to treat skin blemishes, and promotes hair growth
  • Skullcap leaf – great for insomnia, inflammation, and relaxation
  • Bovine Hydrolyzed Collagen peptides – helps improve the body’s skin, hair, nails, joints, skin tone, and elasticity.

Organic, natural, gluten and lactose-free, cruelty-free, no preservatives, 100% recycled packaging.